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Amostragem em Chaminé - Métodos 1 a 5 (Portuguese)

** This course is offered in Portuguese. **

US-EPA Methods 1-5 are sampling methods developed for sampling of particulate emissions from stationary sources such as power plants and other industrial facilities. These methods appear in title 40, part 60 of the Code of Federal Regulations (referred to as 40 CFR 60). This course serves as an introduction to the methods and provides a basic understanding of the concepts, equipment, procedures and calculations used in the methods. Helpful hints and suggestions are also incorporated into the material.

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Online Training Course: Amostragem em Chaminé - Métodos 1 a 5 (Portuguese)

Who Should Take This Course

This course is intended for government officials and contractors who take part in the regulation of particulate emissions from stationary sources and for those in industry who are responsible for determining and documenting emission rates from their plants.

  • sampling technicians
  • consultants & contractors
  • regulators
  • facility personnel
We assume that participants in this course have basic knowledge of general chemistry concepts.


The overall objective of this course is to provide participants with a basic understanding of the concepts, equipment, procedures, and calculations required to obtain particulate emission rates from stationary sources according to EPA Methods 1-5.


  • Method 1: Determining number and location of sampling points
  • Method 2: Determining stack gas velocity and volumetric flow rate
  • Method 3: Determining dry molecular weight of the stack gas
  • Method 4: Determining moisture content of a stack gas
  • Method 5: Determining particulate emissions from a stationary source


    Rebecca Bessinger
    Ms. Bessinger is a freelance technical writer and web designer in Atlanta, GA. Her projects include development of online course materials for environmental, health and safety training courses. She has a BS in Marine Science from Coastal Carolina University and an MS in Technical Communication from NC State University.

    This course and the procedures contained within were reviewed for accuracy by Air-Tech Environmental. Air-Tech Environmental is an air emissions testing firm located in Research Triangle Park, NC. The company was founded in 1996 and is assembled of an senior staff of engineers and scientists who each have over 20 years of individual environmental testing experience.

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