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What Our Clients Say:

"It hit all the highlights; all of the pertinent info to my job." - Bryon G. (Military)

"Ability for ME to manage the time, and complete section of the course when convenient to me." - Andrew D. (Manufacturing)

"Clear and concise explanations and the course materials containing hyperlinks to the applicable regulations." -Stephen N. (Consulting)

"I think that the format and content of the class fit well as a refresher. Focus on real examples kept the interest level high. Our group felt that your class was the best we have found.." - Bill (Engineering)

"This was the most interesting refresher course I have attended (... 45 years)." - James (Industrial)

"Everything was automatic and efficient. Other sites required me to e-mail my request, which would needlessly draw things out. Very simple!" - Paul L. (Engineering / Industrial)

"I enjoyed being able to set my schedule to take the course." - Patricia R. (Construction)

"Easy to administer to new employees." - Chris C. (Industrial)

"Very easy to understand. Everything was great." - Daniel S. (Manufacturing)

"Course materials were very relevant to the type of work that I do." - Robert C. (Engineering/Consulting)

"That you could read the material at your own pace OR listen to the module, but that the choice is up to the individual." - Erika S. (Consulting)

"It is quick, easy and helps me meet my training requirements with a reasonable cost and time committment." - Melanie T. (Consulting)

"Clear and concise. Covered the key points. Excellent summary of transportation security requirements." - Alan C. (Industrial)

"I enjoyed the information below the slides. There were OSHA notes for reference all through the program. I think this lesson was one of the best online classes I have taken." - Lemuel B. (Industrial)

"I liked the fact that the online course was available for self-paced. The course content was presented clearly and effectively." - Laila S. (Medical)

"I could do the course in my own time, when and where I wanted, for a recognised qualification. Having my certificate available as a PDF file immediately was bvery helpful and enabled me to apply for a job immediately." - Cheryl B. (Medical)

"The sequence/order of the training topics built up from the previous information and the overall presentation was very good." - Dale P. (Consulting)

"Very informative!" - Willie H. (Manufacturing)

"Material was easy to read and understand. I like the fact that this course can be completed at any time." -Alexander D. (Consulting)

"The freedom to work on my own pace and the information provided was the same that I have received in the past in a classroom setting." - Steve P. (Medical)

"Very good hazwoper refresher -- I have tried 5-6 on-line classes with various vendors and this rates with the best -- the links with additional info to find/research, powerpoint presentations included with each module provided important information." - Dale P (Consulting)

"The course was very thorough and I liked that you can go back and review the materials." - Jeanine C. (Manufacturing / Engineering)

"Training task accomplished without delays." - Terry S. (Contractor)

"It was self-paced and let you go over material again. It's actually better than the courses I have been through with a MSHA instructor." - Rhonda M. (Construction)

"That I can do it on my own time, late at night or early in the morning when time allows. It's very convenient." - Daniel J. (Contractor)

"Extremely easy to set up and very convenient." - Mike G. (Consulting)

"I think that the format and content of the class fit well as a refresher. Focus on real examples kept the interest level high. Our group felt that your class was the best we have found.." - Bill (Engineering)

"This was the most interesting refresher course I have attended (... 45 years)." - James (Industrial)

"The information on the subject was right on target and very valuable." - Matthew M. (Industrial)

"Online capability. Able to manage tasks at work while simultaneously having the time to take necessary recurrent training online. You've successfully taken the time and cost of travel to a seminar out of the picture." - Aaron T. (Industrial)

"The "hands-on" approach with looking up material in the Dangerous Goods Handbook, exercises to complete in the modules prior to taking the exams, visual pictures/notations etc.--not a "static" on-line course, but very interactive." - Dale P. (Consulting)

"Very easy to follow and understand, and could go back to something already previously viewed. It really helped me navigate the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations book." - Phyllis L. (Education)

"It has both audio and written information. Easy, Online Feature." - Robert H. (Aviation)

"Easy to understand." - Ted A. (Mining)

"Easy to follow." - Roger L. (Industrial)

"Examples were very useful. Especially when trying to figure out how to use the regulation tables." - Rachel A. (Biotechnology)

"Though it's relatively short, it has all the links I need to more detailed information. If I need to do a deep dive into a particular area, I know where to find the info. Overall, it was a well put together course." - Mark B. (Consulting)

"I liked being able to take the course at my own pace. Also, I was able to break it into 3 sessions." - Jimmy C. (Industrial)

"My knowledge on this subject has been advanced." - Leigh E. (Government)

"The course answered questions very specifically on what to do in maintaining lab safety." - Cory B. (Engineering)

"I learned new things that I wasn't aware of." - Rachel S. (Industrial)

"It was very easy to understand and navigate through. It was well laid out." - Candace Y. (Permanent Cosmetics)

"That I can do the course when I want and not at specific times. It fits in with my busy lifestyle." - Cheryl B. (Body Art)

"All categorized accordingly, easy to follow and understand." - Josalyn W. (Permanent Cosmetics)

"The content and information was easy to read and understand especially with the provided html links to the CFR and other information." -Allen W. (Consulting)

"Saved travel time and expense of live classes." -John M. (Manufacturing)

"The course was very educational. Everything was very easy to get to and instructions were very informative and straight forward on what was presented." -Shannon L. (Manufacturing)

"Easy access, clearly presented." - Greg B. (Biotechnology)

"I can do this when ever I want. Very good structure in this course." - Tuulikki M. (Medical)

"Very detailed and easy to understand." - Justin M. (Industrial)

"Very informative, especially targeting what is most related to what we do." - Gregory D. (Shipping)

"Information was clear with diagrams." - Debbie M. (Industrial)

"It was very easy to understand." - Susan F. (Medical)

"I enjoyed the ease of reading the material and it was displayed for easy understanding." - James R. (Industrial / Consulting)

"I liked it because it was *to the point*." - Keith C. (Consulting)

"On line. Simple, easy to understand instructional material." - Chuck S. (Government)

"The course was very well written and easy to understand and covered all as that is needed." - Gary B. (Consulting)

"It was well-presented in structured modules that could be done at the pace I need to do. The examples and pictures with highlighted key points were most useful." - Sheryl A. (Medical)

"I like how it simplified a very complex subject." - Dorothy D. (Medical)

"Succinct, easy to follow content. Covered a large amount of material in each module without bogging-down in the details." - Philip H. (Medical)

"Easy access via internet. Immediate scores and certificate access. Great links. Ability to go back after test taken to review info." - Michelle N. (Medical)

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