Affiliate Team Program

Since we launced our Affiliate Team Member program in 2001 we've been helping team members earn money by referring traffic to our site. If you're looking for a way to monetize your site, please consider our Affiliate Team Member program and earn 10% on revenue generated by links from your website. Yes, we realize that the acronym for Affiliate Team Member is ATM... and yes, we think it's funny.

How our affiliate program works:

  • Affiliate Team Members drive potential customers to using specially formatted links.
  • Team members earn 10% of revenue generated when users purchase an enrollment in one of our courses.
  • We send payments on a quarterly basis.
  • Interested parties should submit a request for information on becoming an Affiliate Team Member (see form below).
  • Once you are approved, we'll email your unique link and the rest is up to you.

What sets us apart?

  • Our typical course costs between $100 and $200. That's somewhere around $10 to $20 per referral enrollment. Not bad.
  • Additional purchases made on existing affiliate-referred accounts also qualify for the 10% referral fee, even if they don't come back through your site. Now you can see where we're going with the ATM reference.
  • Many of our courses are used to satisfy government-mandated training requirements which are recurring. For example, OSHA 8 Hour Hazwoper Refresher training is required annually, IATA Dangerous Goods is every 24 months, and DOT Hazardous Materials Transportation training is required every 3 years. It's the gift that keeps on giving.
  • We create a 7-day cookie on referral browsers identifying team affiliates so that you get credit even if the user decides to purchase later and returns directly to our site.

What are we looking for in an Affiliate Team Member?

  • We offer niche training services and are looking for affiliate websites that complement that niche market.
  • Here are a few examples of our affiliates: a major university, a small community college, a vertical-market software company,a non-profit trade organization, a training company, a small manufacturer, an environmental consulting company, and an analytical laboratory.
  • We're looking for win-win opportunities. For example, one of our affiliates creates shipping supplies designed for infectious substances. Regulations require training for folks who ship infectious substances, so most if not all of their customers require the type of training we offer. Our affiliate partner makes 10% everytime one of their referrals takes our Shipping Infectious Substances online course. It's a match made in affiliate heaven.
  • And for those site owners who have pop-ups aplenty, pages full of links with no content, or a nefarious reputation... please look elsewhere. We're not looking for a team member to throw tons of traffic our way through the use of gimmicks or misleading descriptions in hopes of scoring an occasional hit. We're looking for a small but steady stream of qualified buyers.


If you're interested in becoming an affiliate team member, please complete the form below. Only serious inquiries please.